Trading software SWFX – Swiss FX Marketplace
Trading conditions Min. deposit: $1000
Commissions: 0
Free trial: Yes
Pip Spread on Majors: 0.5-1
Address Dukascopy (Suisse) SA, ICC, Route de Pre-Bois 20, 1216 Geneva 15, Switzerland Phone number:+41 22 791 70 50
Dukascopy (Suisse) SA is a Swiss regulated Brokerage House. Dukascopy provides access to the first Decentralized Marketplace in the world (SWFX – Swiss FX Marketplace), combining liquidity of Centralized marketplaces and a number of banks.

# Dukascopy (Suisse) SA offers direct access to the SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace, the most efficient market in the world. This exchange provides the largest pool of interbank spot forex liquidity available for banks, hedge funds, institutions and professional traders. professional trading with sophisticated dealing tools: aggregate best bid/offer of various liquidity providers, price/execution guarantee, slippage control, market depth, and advanced technical analysis and programming tools;
# 24/7 constant liquidity access through its close relationship with its Banks and Brokerage networks, round-the-clock emergency trading phone service;
# top Swiss bank depository: account custodian are Swiss Prime Banks;
# trading on credit lines from client’s own bank accounts through cross-pledge or a bank guarantee;
# professional Back Office integrating Value At Risk and Sharpe ratio analysis, order and account statements and statistics, deal log;
# highly secured connectivity through PIN codes, fix IP-addresses authorised list, https connection, and case-sensitive login password;
# transparency on all levels
# debit cards solution